The Need

sad-girl-webThere are approximately 500,000 children within the American foster care system. They enter into foster care for many reasons:

  • Not being safe at home because of physical, emotional or sexual abuse to the child or the siblings
  • Neglect of basic needs
  • Parental mental illness or alcohol/drug abuse that prohibits care or safety
  • Parental incarceration

The Foster Care system is able to provide many of the basic needs — the “tangibles” — for the children and their Foster Parents.   However, it takes more than just the basics for youngsters struggling to overcome their traumatic beginnings. For the youth who aren’t returned home or adopted by the age of 18, they are discharged from the foster care system. Economic security for them is fragile. Becoming a productive adult is an uphill climb. The statistics bear witness to these challenges. Within 2 years of “aging out” of the system:

  • 50% will be unemployed; the remainder are underemployed
  • 50% face homelessness
  • Girls are at 5 times the risk for getting pregnant than other girls their age.
  • It’s estimated half the prison population and 1/3 of the chronically homeless are former foster children.

Foster parents open their hearts and their homes to offer love and nurturing to these children to change these statistics – but the job is often more than what one family can manage.  This is where Fostering Hope comes in to provide the “intangibles.”

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