Youth Leadership & Advisory Council (YLAC)

The Youth Leadership & Advisory Council seeks to improve the well-being of all youth in foster care in El Paso County. The board is made up of youth ages 15 – 21 who have previous or current experience living in the foster care system, to include both Child Welfare and Youth Corrections. Youth members are afforded the opportunity to practice their self-advocacy skills during individual meetings with the Coordinator, in addition to the once-a-month council meetings, focusing on three well-defined purposes:

  1. Creating a supportive environment where youth can share their experiences with one another and communicate their needs to area agencies involved in the foster care system.
  2. Establishing and expanding our community through social events and service projects. Creating networking opportunities for all our youth and help them to effectively utilize community resources.
  3. Developing and utilizing our individual strengths in a team environment. Creating opportunities for participation at youth conferences and skill building workshops.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please send an email to