Our Partners – Milwaukee

Participating Faith Communities

Thanks to the following communities of faith which provide the volunteers in teams to support the foster families in need:

St. Marcus Lutheran Church
2215 North Palmer Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212-3299
(414) 562-3369
Central United Methodist Church
639 North 25th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1893
(414) 344-1600
Church of the Gesu
1145 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 288-7101
Holy Cathedral Church of God in Christ
2677 North 40th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53210-2505
(414) 447-1967
Christ the King Baptist Church *
7750 N. 60th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53223
(414) 371-5000
Sherman Park Lutheran Church *
2703 N. Sherman Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53210
(414) 445-5185
* in process of formation

SET Ministry

We are fortunate to be affiliated with SET Ministry, our administrative partner for the Fostering Hope Program in Milwaukee. SET Ministry is a Milwaukee community-based health and human services agency. They help socially and economically disadvantaged people set and achieve goals that promote self-sufficiency and improve their lives. SET Ministry does this by directly providing services and using a collaborative approach to link people with needed resources. Because they respect the dignity of each human life, their approach integrates the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of each individual. SET Ministry is a leader in the community’s efforts to empower individuals living in poverty with the resources to transform their lives and achieve their full potential. Because the Fostering Hope Foundation firmly believes that effective service begins with respecting the dignity of others, we sought out SET Ministry as a local partner to help transform the lives of foster families.

2977 North 50th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53210
(414) 449-2680

Other Partner Agencies

In Milwaukee, the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare contracts with private organizations to license, support and manage foster homes-both foster homes that offer treatment (or more specialized) care and non-treatment foster care. Because we have limited capacity, our volunteers only serve licensed, non-treatment foster families so far. We receive referrals of foster families to match with our volunteers from the child placement agencies that license non-treatment foster homes, Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin and Integrated Family Services a division of St. Aemilian-Lakeside. We welcome collaborating with any child placement agency that licenses and supports non-treatment foster families. As we grow our capacity, we strive to be able to partner with treatment foster families as well.