Our Collaborators

To create a masterful network of support for a child in the foster care system, the following agencies have collaborated with us, some since our beginning in 2006:

Pikes Peak Foster Care

Fostering Hope collaborates with 4 other organizations to help people find a way to help foster children, including becoming foster parents.

Foster Care Coalition

Thanks to the following with whom we have worked closely as we look for better outcomes for children in foster care. These parties make up our Foster Care Coalition in Colorado Springs, which meets regularly to discuss current issues in foster care:

  • Army Community Services
  • Aspen Pointe
  • Bethany Family Services
  • CASA
  • Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs
  • Center for Child Counseling
  • Center on Fathering
  • Centro DeLa Familia
  • Children of Promise
  • Chins Up Program/Griffith
  • Colorado Springs Police Department
  • Community Partnership for Child Development (CPCD)
  • Dale House
  • El Paso County Dept. of Human Services
  • Faith Partners
  • Family Connections
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Hope and Home
  • Joint Initiatives, HB1451 Coordinator
  • Joint Initiatives, SB94 Coordinator
  • Kids Crossing
  • Kids Resource Network
  • Kidz Hope Home
  • Maplestar
  • Office of the Guardian Ad Litem
  • Peak Vista Community Health Centers
  • Pikes Peak Work Force Center
  • Safe Passage
  • School District 11
  • School District 2
  • Special Kids Special Families
  • The Resource Exchange
  • TwoCor
  • Urban Peak
  • Women’s Resource Agency
  • YMCA
  • Youth Ventures

Faith Partners

Faith Partners was our administrative partner when we began in 2006 until we grew large enough to operate on our own in 2010. The collaboration was natural, in that Faith Partners utilizes volunteers from communities of faith in order to accomplish their mission of moving families out of poverty into self-sufficiency. http://www.faith-partners.com