Help Us

How Can I Help Foster Families

How Can I Get Engaged in the Work of Fostering

1. Help Raise Awareness:

  • Advocate for foster parents. Be an ambassador for Fostering Hope.
  • Invite your friends, coworkers and other contacts to our mission tour.
  • Connect us to your social, civic, or employment networks so that we can tell the story there.

2. Help Create More Teams: Talk to the leadership of your faith community about us.

Encourage them and others from your faith community to attend a Mission Tour.
If your faith community participates in the Fostering Hope Program:
–Explore ways of supporting the current team
–Consider serving on the team.
–Consider starting a new additional team.

3. Help Fund More Teams

Join or start a “Circle of Friends”—a group that helps to fund a team for a specific family.
Become a “Table Captain” and help with our fund-raising event.
Join the Fostering Hope “Stewards” group at your church and promote ministry to foster families.
Connect us to people who might be interested in helping to fund Fostering Hope.
Help support us with an annual donation.

4. Help Provide Work Opportunities for Youngsters:

If you are a business owner, consider joining our consortium and offering an internship opportunity.
Explore the possibility of an internship at you place of employment.
Consider becoming a mentor/liaison for a youngster aging out of foster care.

5. Help Provide Enrichment and Healing Experiences for Foster Children:

Help organize a “fun” event, e.g. holiday party, a hike, day at a farm, visit to the zoo, etc.
Explore the possibility of an event for foster families/kids, if you have access to a facility or an
organization that can provide a “new but normal” developmental experience for children.
Help find sensorimotor activities for children that are repetitive, rhythmic, and musical.
Help find/arrange activities that provide opportunity for contact with domesticated animals.
Help transport children to events.

6. Help with Office and Administrative Services:

Volunteer to help with updating our social media sites, data entry for our records and systems,
phone follow-up, updating files, assisting with Advisory Board meetings, assisting with our mission
tours, etc.

Party supplies to celebrate birthdays, graduations, special events
Gift cards for grocery and all-purpose stores
Gift cards for gas and general automotive maintenance
Gift cards for clothing and shoes, local restaurants
Movie/theater tickets/passes
YMCA memberships for the family
Zoo passes and Gift cards for local attractions
Hair care products for African American children
Infant, toddler and booster car seats
Rubbing alcohol (large containers) to clean medical tubing
Art supplies and paper goods
Musical instruments
Footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bicycles
Laundry detergent
School supplies
Scrapbook materials
Board or card games
iPods, Computers, Laptops
Medium size suitcases