WE FELT CALLED TO SERVE abused and neglected children, so we decided to become foster parents.   Our kids were away at college, our jobs were stable; we had extra love and bedrooms to spare.  After all we were “experienced” parents.  We were ready.  We received a phone call at midnight letting us know that four siblings were abused and being removed from their home that night.  They arrived 30 minutes later with nothing; except a list of appointments they were “legally required” to attend, aggression towards each other and the ability to eat us out of house and home.  We needed help.  Our Fostering Hope Volunteer Support Team was truly a blessing and we would not have been able to keep our five kids without them.

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Story of the Month

Rock Climbing Enrichment & Healing Event

On behalf of our board, volunteers, staff and foster parents we would like to extend a special thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Pikes Peak for hosting an amazing Rock Climbing event bringing our kids and volunteers together for a special evening of enrichment and healing. 

“This was a fantastic event!!  The girls will tell you so!  In fact, they’d love to go again.  The other kids also seemed really jazzed about this!  Great exercise!  The girls — Jenna (who has her own harness & shoes from her old school knew what she was doing & was able to help Michelle) and Michelle — said they couldn’t figure out how 4 hours had been set aside for this — UNTIL they experienced it! 

We didn’t leave until 7:50 PM — I just didn’t have the heart to end it earlier because they were having so much fun!  They did the lower wall; then the “mezzanine” level where they could practice climbing without a harness or much distance of a fall, including some of the protrusion climbs.  When I showed up at the top to see how they were doing, they wanted to know how I got there — I told them, sure, I climbed up.  Of course, they found some boys to chat with, which, in my observation, was really healthy socializing. 

Martin, a young man with 2 titanium rods in his back from scoliosis surgery, was like a little mountain goat.  He went all the way to the top & honked the horn several times.  He just kept on going.  The girls thought he was so darling and gave him hugs before we left.  Now that’s a successful evening!

It was really great that Sarah brought such healthy snacks and water although everyone seemed to be careful not to take too much.  They especially liked the apple and grape packets.  The girls were careful about the snacks but Michelle asked for McDonalds on the way home, so they were hungry.  Providing choice, they settled on Subway.  They chitter-chattered happily & watched video of them climbing that they recorded on cell phones.”