Fostering Hope is seeking to hire another Coordinator so that we can expand our assistance!

Fostering Hope Program Coordinator

This is a unique opportunity to be a key participant in a nonprofit organization that values its employees and those that it serves. The successful candidate will recruit volunteer teams from faith communities to provide foster parents and their families with natural and practical supports– like those of an extended family. The Coordinator manages the training, development, and ongoing facilitation of the volunteer teams as they work with their assigned foster parents. The program’s success springs from the difference the volunteers make in the lives of foster children and the families that work to heal them.

Chief Responsibility:

To enable volunteers to assist foster parents in creating stable, developmentally enriched, trauma-sensitive environments for the children in their care.


  • To coordinate with governmental and private child welfare agencies to ensure compliance with their regulations, policies, and procedures. •To present the Fostering Hope program to faith communities in El Paso County, solicit their interest, and guide them through the process of participating in the program. •To work with interested faith communities and assist them in recruiting and developing a Fostering Hope team of volunteers. •To maintain an ongoing relationship with the sponsoring faith communities. •To provide training for the volunteer team in compliance with Fostering Hope’s curriculum that will enhance their ability to understand and support foster parents and to assist in the planning of special programs for the ongoing training and development of the volunteers. •To provide facilitation and coaching for the support team and foster parents that includes assistance with communication, identification of needs, accepting help, and encouraging empathy, as well as to ensure practical as well as emotional support to the foster family. •To monitor and respond to emotional and relational issues in the volunteers and the foster parents to minimize attrition and promote growth. •To view the ongoing facilitation of the foster parent/team relationships as a sustainable ministry, valuing the importance of the emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of support to the families. •To participate in the ongoing development of the program. •To assist in the documentation of the program. •To assist in fundraising efforts.


  • Experience in child welfare; knowledge of the foster care systems and the impact of maltreatment on children. •MSW preferred. Would consider commensurate experience in other fields if accompanied by experience with child welfare system. •Strong commitment to the well-being of families. •Strong relational skills with a reliance on the dignity of the person and the healing power of relationships as guiding approaches. •Comfort in integrating faith into the core values of the social work (or other) profession. Ability to utilize one’s faith experience as a resource in dealing with the sadness and uncertainty inherent in the child welfare system. •Pastoral background or openness to professional development in the area. •Respect for and comfort in working with the diverse religious traditions within the El Paso County community. •Previous experience with working with and supporting volunteers helpful.
  • To apply, send cover letter and resume to:

Fostering Hope Mission Story

this is the moment when we got 10,000

 “For the first time in my life, I got to be a kid.” Not something you often hear from a 17-year old.  But then again, not many 17-year olds have been through what Tony has endured.

Like many kids in the foster care system, Tony came from an abusive home.  His mother, who was only 16 when Tony was born, was a heroin addict who rarely spent time with her children.  It fell on Tony’s young shoulders to raise all of his siblings and shield them as best he could from the abuse and neglect that was a common occurrence while growing up.  As safety became an undeniable concern, Tony and his siblings were removed from their home.

Not surprisingly given his early upbringing, Tony did poorly in school, was unable to develop normal relationships with his peers and adults, and often got in fights.  Eventually Tony was shipped off to a youth correction facility, and from there to a group home.

It wasn’t until he moved in with his current foster mom, 72-year old Sandy, that he experienced real parental love.  Assisted by her five-person Fostering Hope volunteer support team, Sandy knew Tony needed real “manly” role models and people who genuinely wanted to help him without asking for something in return.  She asked members of her team to spend a little extra time with Tony…”he really is a good kid.”

Two of her volunteers took action and invited Tony to join them with their sons at City Rock, an indoor climbing gym downtown.  Tony jumped at the chance and ran around the gym without a care.  He climbed, he achieved new heights and he got to spend time with adults who just wanted to let him be a kid.  And with the unconditional love and guidance of Sandy and his volunteer team, hopefully Tony will have many more days just like it.

Mission Story 5: Saying Goodbye


Fostering Hope Mission Story 5 of 10: Saying Goodbye (Riley)
*All names were changed in the followng story.

Fostering Hope Foundation volunteers help foster families in countless ways. Organizing a foster child’s first real birthday party, making a home-cooked dinner, or helping with a school science project are just a few examples of the essential and wide-ranging aid provided to foster families.

But sometimes a volunteer goes so far above and beyond expectations it amazes everyone involved. Riley is one of those volunteers.
Foster parents Maddie and Rob Jenson opened their home to a group of teenage foster boys between the ages of 15 and 17 years old. All the boys were from broken homes and had experienced a life of extreme hardship, abandonment, and abuse.

When Maddie and Rob got word that their biological son, a member of the U.S. Army stationed in Texas, was being deployed to Afghanistan, they desperately wanted to tell him goodbye in person. But they couldn’t take the boys out of school, nor could they find anyone who could stay with them. Just when they were about to give up, Riley, a member of their Fostering Hope Foundation volunteer team, offered to help.

Riley agreed to stay with the boys while Maddie and Rob were away. She cared for them for five days. Cooking meals, helping with homework, driving them to school, and doing everything else necessary to keep a household with several teenage boys from devolving into complete chaos. And for those of you with teenage boys, you know firsthand that’s no small feat.

Thanks to Riley’s generosity and dedication, not only were Maddie and Rob able to say goodbye to their son in person, but their foster boys were able to remain in a loving, stable environment while they were away.

SkySox Charity Event July 26!

Thanks to Security Services, Domino’s Pizza, and the Colorado Springs SkySox for spotlighting us as their charity tonight! Come and support the work of our volunteers as you take a chance on winning a SpongeBob costume or $100 bill at our raffle. Go SkySox!!!

Coutura Invitational Golf Tournament 7/15/13

We are really grateful to Coutura for choosing Fostering Hope as the recipient of the net proceeds from the Coutura Invitational Golf Tournament! It takes place July 15, 2013 at Flying Horse. Thank you again.

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