Executive Director: Angela Carron, MD
Angela supports Fostering Hope Foundation through strategic leadership and program development and operations.

President: Nick Colarelli, Ph.D.
Nick retired as Fostering Hope’s Executive Director in 2010. He now supports the Fostering Hope Foundation through administrative operations, program evaluation, and community collaboration.

Colorado Springs

Supervising Program Coordinator: Barbara Lara, MSW

Barb is responsible for the training and supervision of all program and team coordinators, while also leading a cluster of 12 teams. She makes the initial contact within congregations, and screens, trains, and develops volunteers who come from interested congregations. She works with the child placement agencies to match teams with foster families. She is one of the program liaisons between the program, the El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS), faith leaders, child placement agencies (CPA), and the volunteers. Barb also oversees the Internship Program, which works to place youth ready to learn life skills into businesses which are willing to teach a trade or basic skills to the youth.

Program Coordinator: Laura Moody, BA BSW

Along with Barb and Sarah, Laura leads 10 teams of volunteers. She engages with congregations, volunteers and foster families while being a liaison between the program, EL Paso DHS and child placement agencies. Laura is also responsible for engaging the community in social media. She is often found tweeting live at events and keeping the community up to date in matters regarding foster care and child trauma.

Program Coordinator: Keith Green, MSW

Development Director:  Scott Mayeux, MS

Scott is responsible for the financial goals and activities of Fostering Hope in El Paso County including fundraising events, annual giving campaigns, major gift solicitation, sponsorship recruitment and peer-to-peer digital fundraising.  He is the liaison between our mission and the business and giving community with a goal of raising the funds necessary to increase the number of Support Teams serving our community.


Executive Director: Angela Carron, MD

In addition to her post as Executive Director, in Milwaukee Angela also connects Fostering Hope with businesses, faith communities, community leaders and other individuals to help promote its presence while cultivating relationships that will lead to investment in the mission.

New York, Capitol Region